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AoY Podcast #137 – A Very Voltes V Christmas Special

Also known as: “Father what is wrong with you, why are you working with Bozania- WHAABAMM!”

And also ” ‘Obama, you ain’t gonna raise my taxes’, and the chair is just sitting there…”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:45:51)

Merry Christmas Listeners! We decided to go big with our yearly Christmas special to talk about the anime that starts with the letter V, as in Voltes V!

(0:00 – 1:23:25) Review: Voltes V (Filipino Dub) – With the upcoming release of Voltes V soon to come out from Discotek, Dustin was able to get the big hookup from Dave Merrill at AWA for the Honest and True English Dub of Voltes V that can only come from the great island nation of the Philippines. We go into spoiler territory, but that should stop absolutely NO ONE from watching this show on their own accord. This gets us into talking about the show history in the Philippines, how Dustin thought one of the characters was a Sesame Street character, fanfiction writers like Sephirothslave and the web 1.0 era, the Romance Robot Trilogy, pre show remarks on making fun of Anime Superhero Discord stuff and much more!

(1:23:25 – 01:45:51) Holiday Closing Remarks – Dustin wanted the world to know about the greatest anime holiday episode in anime, and that is episode 44 of Brave Exkaiser. Seriously, go and watch it, its got ripped Santa! This also gets into talking about that new Vice movie, politics, comic book talk, how George “Herbie Dubbya” Bush died, Chris Chan proves that his mom isn’t dead, Love That Goku reaction to the Goku float in the Macy’s Parade, Dustin going to the Wally Gator Bowl and more.

Music Selection:


ED – Voltes V we come to you!!!

This show has:

How robot shows really touch the heart of its people…

So uh… we gonna get Robert Redford for the RNC 2020?

AoY Podcast #90 – Takahashi v. Tomino Round 4 (Fang of the Sun Dougram / Garzey’s Wing Review)


Also known as: “Are we going to have to do the Kool Koreans Kartoons Podcast now?”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:34:59)

It was high time we got back into the clash between the anime director titans of their day, where the gods of mecha anime Yoshiyuki Tomino and Ryouske Takahashi are still at each others throats to see which mecha director is better. This time, after a long absence, we return with Fang of the Sun Dougram and Garzey’s Wing.

(0:00 – 57:15) Takahashi PUNCH! – Fang of the Sun Dougram Review – Takahashi may not have done well in the last round, but he is quick to jump on his feet with another hard hitting mecha anime, Dougram. Since Jonn watch the show over a period of time, and Dustin taking the easy way out of sticking to the compilation film, this is more of a Jonn review. We go into the political intrigue of world building, faction fighting, and top tier anime buttholes in this 1983 classic. The gang talks about the hype of what robot anime brought in the 1980’s with Dual Magazine, comparing the struggles of Dougram to the American Revolutionary War, the first anime to have someone literally die of lung cancer, comparing and contrasting this with Gundam series, Aura Battle Dunbine DVD talk and much more.

(57:15 – 59:04) RightStuf! Promo – This was a quickie to throw out there to let our listeners know of the cool sales that happen on RightStuf website all the time. This time its a Funimation sale till god knows when (or really when RightStuf says so), so take in those offers while they last.

(59:04 – 1:38:54) Tomino KICK! – Garzey’s Wing Review – If there is one thing that is consistent with Tomino, is that his way of wanting to have complete control of a series and run it into the ground. Dunbine might have its issues, but trying to add onto that series over 13 years later can only lead to a bland and beautiful disaster (I gotta stop using songs as anime description puns – Dustin). This title also has a reputation for being “that” bad anime, and after sitting through all three episodes in one sitting, it was more than enough to convince our reviewers. This also brings us to talking about Star Wars movies, Dustin impressions with Bakuon! and knowledge of napalm from an ex-girlfriend, plus much more. We also mention that during this recording, we celebrated two holidays in one podcast review of Garzey’s Wing, with May the 4th Be With You and Cinco de Mayo!! Where on the internet are you gonna find another podcast that covers two holidays in the same episode? Nowhere, THAT’S WHAT!!

(1:38:54 – 2:34:59) Closing Remarks – I think our hosts spent about an hour on closing remarks, but it comes from three different times trying to do them. Due to internet issues and Garageband acting like a punk, both hosts got to air some issues out on the recording. Issues like how Donald Trump is the GOP king shit of the world, what makes women beautiful, Ghost talk and his racist personas on the airwaves, the whitewashing issue on Ghost in the Shell movie, how the Koreans took over ToonRadio.net, anime this season, politics talk, and so much more. See you next time!

Music Selection:

OP1 – We enter a world of galactic political intrigue…

ED1 – Dougram is the Exodus of mecha anime out there…

OP2 – This song is like its anime, its full of danger and its dull…

ED2 – Lord Holy Warrior, you got spooked by that dumb sky beast…

Finale – Happy belated Cinco de Mayo everyone…

This show has:

Ghost is gonna be after you “ANNE-NAH-MEE” sick twisted perverts…


Behold, the artistic inspiration for the Dougram head units…

AoY Podcast #56 – Takahashi vs. Tomino Round 3 (Combat Mecha Xabungle & Gasaraki Review)



Also known as: “I don’t think be-arming is a real word…”
and also: “It was the No Limit Koga Mech”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:25:45)

After a 15 month absence, Zeonic and Jonn decide to bring back the anime directing champs of their heydays and put them and their shows back into the podcast cagematch for yet another bout. Our last featured bout was showcased back in Podcast #24, were we had Tomino’s Ideon pitted against Takahashi SPT Layzner. This time, we bring out the political western big guns for another match of Takahashi vs Tomino Round 3. This time we got Combat Mecha Xabungle against Gasaraki.

(0:00 – 50:42) Review: Combat Mecha Xabungle: This was a recording done back in early November, where Zeonic FINALLY got around to watching the Xabungle Graffiti compilation movie. And like the usual fare, Zeonic watches a bad compilation of something, while Jonn (being the one who watched the whole show) has to sit Zeonic down and tell him where the compilation made its mistakes in telling the story, which was a lot of areas. Of course even with Zeonic watching a raw compilation movie, he still enjoyed all the zaney moments that made it mostly entertaining, such as how the anime doesn’t give a damn about animoo physics, wild west amnesty laws, anime staffers who didn’t do their jobs in coloring, little girls who explain the plot for you, and Megas XLR way before Megas XLR. We should note, as usual, Jonn and Zeonic start the podcast off by not diving into Xabungle, but talking about the ending of the Naruto manga and those who marathon them on ANN, which leads to the end about Chris chan and “Shovel Mechs,” Miyazaki films, and much more.

(50:42 – 54:06) Promos: Since we realized that promo’s for other podcast haven’t been featured in a while, we decide to inform you about other podcast you probably should already know about. Anime World Order recently released their 2nd review of the Shinji Aramaki Captain Harlock movie (which we covered back in #51). Fast Karate for the Gentleman did one recently about them still watching Jojo’s, because they are the only two men alive that this show is made for. Jeff from the Daily Anime Podcast decided to release two episodes in one day, which were about Legend of Galactic Heroes and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. And lastly we got Alpha Counter, who seems to be covering a lot about #GamerGate, because they are the right people for the job without them sounding like extremists on either camps of that following.

(54:06 – 1:50:16): Review: Gasaraki: This part of the recording was recorded back in September, meaning this has been in Zeonic external HD backlog for a while until Xabungle got reviewed. But to Zeonic viewpoint, much like the show, the recording should have taken a long slumber and never have been disturbed. Zeonic even wonders if Gasaraki might be the next big anime sleep aid to anime insomniacs out there, much like how Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight has been the cure for otaku insomnia for years now (but were still waiting on the hard facts to back up that claim). This show is full of people being locked up in rooms, clone facilities in the middle of nowhere, wandering in the backwoods of Japan, NERV somehow existing, street wars in South Central Akihabara, pimping out your Koga mech, and unneeded food sanctions. This prompts Zeonic and Jonn to mention political issues at the turn of the century like Kosovo, Jonn mention of Wag the Dog, middle eastern history, and how Gasaraki must be a parallel universe to our own?

(1:50:16 – 2:25:45) Unnecessarily “Longer-Than-Usual” Closing Remarks: This might be, on record, the longest time we have spent on closing remarks. This of course came with an agenda, which was Zeonic doing something for Alpha Counter, which may have been a bad decision? Regardless, the real meat of this discussion is the Alpha Counter vs DAPDX Indiegogo Campaigns, general issues with crowdsourcing, mentioning the disasters of DashCon and MineOrama, knowing a bit about our past, Dasuki and Discotek talk, and much much more.

As an extra bonus, click the text for the giant pastebin of Jonn and Zeonic conversations over AIM while they were watching Gasaraki. 

Music Selection:
OP1 – The fun show about broken anime physics…

ED1 – This show has me running around a lot…

OP2- Get ready to enter the world of Takahashi political mecha thriller…

ED2- Not even pimped out Koga mechs can save this show…

This show has:

Consider this Zeonic lowest moment as a podcaster for the time being…

“Con-sarnit, that male idiot doesn’t have a lick of sense…”

The moment you realize your anime staff just says "ehh, eff it. Looks good to me!"

The moment you realize your anime staff just says “ehh, eff it. Looks good to me!”

The moment you realize Tomino just dun-give-a-fuk...

The moment you realize Tomino just dun-give-a-fuk…


Thank god you're just an alternate reality of 2014 Gasaraki...

Thank god you’re just an alternate reality of 2014 Gasaraki…

AoY Podcast #24 – Takahashi vs. Tomino Round 2 (Space Runaway Ideon & SPT Layzner Review)

Also known as: “The Ide is powered by a zombie baby!”

I know its been a few episodes since our last slug fest discussion of Tomino and Takahashi shows, but were back for round 2 this time with the infamous Space Runaway Ideon and the better of mid 1980’s mecha shows, Blue Comet SPT Layzner.

Space Runaway Ideon was the very next project director Yoshiyuki Tomino worked on right after Mobile Suit Gundam. And like Gundam, it was also cut short in its episode count, sharing the same 39 episode number as Gundam which this lead to feature films being made off each series. The only difference here is, Tomino found a way not to continue Ideon… ever again!!

We then cut right on over to a show that both Jonn and I find really engaging by keeping up with the /m/subs releases, which is Blue Comet SPT Layzner by Ryouske Takahashi, This involves the Cold War stretching out to the mid 1990’s as both America and Soviet Russia have bases on the planet Mars, and how an alien invasion can mess things up. I also did a review of SPT Layzner for Regan Strong-“BAD”-blood’s own podcast Anime 82 a couple of years ago (if you wanna get to my review just skip right at the 5 hour mark… yea he made it that long…dunno why.) All this and probably some more in this weeks episode.

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1:38:36)


Music Selection:

OP – Get ready to see the downfall of Tomino…

Eyecatch – Sometimes the only way is the Lonely Way…

ED – The most fitting song I could think of at the end of Ideon…


This show has:

SQUIRLL COUNTERATTACKThe people of earth must be punished with a Walnut Drop…

You are gonna see this a lot in this show…

AoY Podcast #20 – Takahashi vs. Tomino Round 1 (Heavy Metal L-Gaim & Blue Gender Review)


Also known as: ” Hey Kayro, you hair makes the best beanbag!”
or also: “And there’s sum-sum-sum-ro-ro-robot God…”

We are finally doing another anime marathon of sorts, where for once a month, for the next couple of months (or longer maybe), we will talk about some series/shows from some of the two biggest anime directors out there, Yoshiyuki Tomino vs. Ryouske Takahashi.

We start off with our discussion of Heavy Metal L-Gaim by Tomino, where we compare and contrast between the OVA’s and TV series. We then go right into a Takahashi show from not that long ago called Blue Gender. Some of the discussions include how people can pilot a robot from a KORG machine, total 80’s fashion, subtitle issues, anime wraslin, annoying characters, how something can be almost like Starship Troopers, censorship in a TV series and much more. We also go off topic on things like recent anime start up companies, taking an early look at Funimation, DBZ side talk and other Takahashi shows we will cover down the road. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Side Note: I know I said the words “Takahashi vs. Tomino Month” in the intro, but this is gonna go on longer than that, and I ment to say segment. But, if you know our track record, you probably won’t hold that against us, which is cool. I should just edit it out, but OH WELL!


Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1:34:03)


Music Selection:


EYECATCH – How to sing an english anime intro…

ED – … which proves this podcast isn’t totally weeaboo.


This show has:


You and Ron Paul both man…




It was my grand desire all along…


Yea… because of size and all… you know…


And it seems to be SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!!

screenshot20130104at103 (1)screenshot20130104at103

Japan knew their American music artist back then didn’t they…

2nc8The only warning sign that matters in the world of Blue Gender…