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AoY Podcast #4 – Gainax Month #2 – Evangelion Talk (with Aaron Clark)


Also known as: “John Goodman’s Face on Anime Girls DOT Tumblr DOT Com!”

Were back again with more Gainax show goodness. This time, we dedicate a WHOLE EPISODE to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not only do we geek out over Eva in general, but we have on the biggest of the Evageeks out there, Aaron Clark. We pretty much spend time on breaking down Eva and all of its meanings to us, because we assume people listening to this podcast have seen this series and are confused as hell about it. We go all over the map from merchandising, video games and everything else in between. We also spend a moment talking about Nadia, which we will cover more in the next segment (pretty sure).

Oh, check out dez links guyz!!!

End of Pizza-GELION

John Goodman and Anime (NSFW maybe)

Mega64 Instrumentality

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:52:50)

[audio http://ia601503.us.archive.org/28/items/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast4-GainaxMonthPart2-EvangelionTalk/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast4-GainaxMonthPart2-EvangelionwArronClark.mp3]

Cruel Angel Thesis (Of course, WHAT OTHER SONG SHOULD BE USED!)

Tamasii No Rufuran

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End of Pizza-Gelion everybody…. oh internet…

The Greatest Animes Director of ALL TIME!!!

Below is the image that explains what Evangelion is… good luck getting it…


AoY Podcast #3 – Gainax Month Part 1


We finally decide to talk about anime on a podcast about anime, finally. We kick things off with us talking about major Gainax shows/movies/OVA’s that you guys should really check out if your the cool, old school, OTAKU ANIMOO FANS like us. We start off this segment talking about Wings of Honneamise, Otaku No Video and Aim for the Top! Gunbuster/Diebuster. We really didn’t spoil a lot on these shows, so this gives you listeners a good chance to see what we are talking about without knowing too much. Next time, we will continue with more Gainax shows, so see you then. Oh, and congrats Texas for getting snow…jerks.

We are joined by our bro’s of the Daily Anime Graruru Podcast.

Download Episode HERE: (Total Time: 1:05:41)

Anime Intros:

Wings of Honneamise

Otaku No Video


Ending Theme

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This is where it all began…

AoY Podcast #2 – Movie Talk: SkyFall Review

Also known as: “Telly Savalas Shark.”

This was a recording we did back in November when SkyFall came out for the other podcast we were apart of. But due to circumstances and whatnot, its coming out 2 months later. But… who cares, its James Bond, so you know its good. Jonn and I pretty much talk about (I MEAN SPOILERS) the movie, then spend a lot of time talking about the series as a whole, and make fun of Bond book titles. Oh yea, we start off with Gundam X talk for some reason.

Download Episode Here: (Total Time: 1’14”21)

[audio http://ia601604.us.archive.org/21/items/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast2-MovieTalkSkyfallReview/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast2-MovieTalk-SkyfallReview.mp3]

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A potential Lifetime movie series one day…

AoY Podcast #1 – Christmas Special (Our first episode guys!!)

Also known as: “Third times the charm.”

In this episode, we talk about the cool stuff and shuwag we got for Christmas, as well as Zeonic (me) talks about how rad Texas is.

We also mention (SPOILER ALERT STUFF) on Halo 4, The Hobbit (OR HOBUTT), Spiderman comics and Twitter peeps. All this and more in this episode.

And those guys from Daily Anime Graruru showed up to join in.

Download Episode HERE!! (Total Time: 2’16)

[audio http://ia601606.us.archive.org/25/items/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast1-ChristmasSpecial/AnimeOfYesteryearPodcast1-ChristmasSpecial.mp3]

Music Selection: 



This show has:

What I saw on peoples trucks in Texas…

Disclaimer: Since this is our first episode of our new podcast, I guess I can give a brief intro. Long story short, we came from another podcast to do this one. Our “mission statement” for now is reviewing old anime (from like 2000 and before or something, maybe). But, we will also talk about other things since we don’t limit our nerd interest to just anime. So expect movie reviews, video game reviews, critiquing people on the internet, comic book talk and really whatever. We also set up on a bi-weekly release, or just the 2nd and 4th weeks in a month, or that is what we are shooting for. So, enjoy our first episode!!!

Here is that anime I was trying to think of with anime girls and guns (in the form of a really crappy AMV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHxsaoLoNJk