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AoY Podcast #7 – Aliens: Colonial Marines Review


Also known as: “I say we take off and nuke this game from orbit…”

This week, I sit down and talk about my major malfunction about Gearbox latest (failure) game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. This is pretty much about an hour of me acting like a 5 year old who whined and complained to my co-host about how a game I have been looking forward too for so long, sucked more than it should. I should also mention that I give some SPOILERS about the game story, so if you haven’t played this game yet and you haven’t been influenced by the internet not to buy it, then don’t listen to this. We also talk briefly about the Alien movie series towards the end.

Rating: 6/10

Music Selection:

Its the only way to be sure

I searched YouTube for Aliens Dubstep music, and this is what I found you guys!!

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 54:03)

This show has:

The Horror Ripley…. The Horror…

Yes, this is a valid strategy to beat levels on this game.

AoY Podcast #6 – Golden-Ani First Loves (aka Valentine’s Day Special w/ Geoff Tebbetts)

AOY Valentines day

Also known as: “Do you believe in ani-love?”

For our Valentine’s Day Single Awareness Day special, we bring on Geoffrey Tebbetts to discuss his contributing blog, Golden Ani. The blog is dedicated to the past 50 years of Japanese Animation, with written reviews by other anime bloggers/big kahunas out there. After a few questions to that, we get to our main topic, our “anime first loves,” where we talk about what anime’s we first fell in love with that really got us into anime. Geoffrey talks about Maison Ikkoku, my co-host Jonn and Josh talk about the glory days of Toonami programming shows that made them anime fans, and I bring up my personal favorite OVA “first love,” Sol Bianca. Oh, and me and Jonn talk about an “en espanol” station, Locomotion.

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:34:15)

Song Selection:

Do you believe in Ani-LOVE!!! Do you believe it’s true?

Sol Bianca ending theme

This show has:

What real gangsta’s play!!!

How I first saw Akira before I saw Akira. Thank you Locomotion for showing me this… I seriously thought I would never see this again.

AoY Podcast #5 – ShenmueXTiger (aka Video Game Podcast)



Ok, so were going non-anime related this episode… again. This time, we decide to take time to talk a bit about video games, especially video games we like. I decide to jump into the call after Josh talks about some bad Mega Man comics, then me and Jonn get to chat about us discovering the Shenmue series, and give our account on how both games are going for us. Josh then comes in to talk about the biggest piece-O-crap Tiger Electronics has ever put out, the Game.Com. We then go into a long discussion about Poke’mon games and video games in general, or really just us chillin out. And stay tuned to the SECRET ending where you get to hear dumb drunk people on our Skype call.

Disclaimer: I should point out, there was some connection issues with me during our Shenmue talk, but that clears up about the 37 minute mark, in case you wanna skip to there.


Deus Ex, meet Tiger Electronics!

How to (NOT)promote you product in NINETEEN NINETY FREAKING SEVEN!!

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:54:36)

This show has:







Video Game acting at its peak, you haters!!!!

Playing Games: X-Men Arcade on PSN

Me and Jonn play X-Men Arcade on the PSN. (Click the image to go to the video)

JonnJonnz: Colossus

ZeonicFreak: Wolverine

We will work on the lag issues hopefully by the next gameplay video. But, enjoy!!