We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

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This is Jonn from the old podcasts. I’ll be on this one too. Mostly writing this to test out posting on the site since I haven’t done that since the early Kool Kids Klub episodes on the Toon Radio site before I had started college.


I am just testing out this posting stuff, and it seems to be working.

Well, were a new podcast, coming out soon (by the beginning of 2013!!) We are an upcoming podcast that will talk about older animes from the past, and give our possibly good or bad views on them. We usually like old skews animoos, so were down with whatever mostly.

We came from another podcast, The CyberNauts Cast, and belonged to another podcast The Kool Kids Klub (the church version name is The Cool Kids Club, but everyone knew what we really were). So, podcasting isn’t something new to us, but the concept of staying with one name is. Well figure that out one day. But look for our official episode coming out soon… Happy Holidays!!