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Playing Games: The only thing to be reborn on the 4th of July…

What better way to spend the 4th of July by not working on the next podcast and playing more video games. With the digital PSN release of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn out, i’d figure I got some time to spare and stream it on our Twitch.tv channel. It’s the same as any of the other games, but I mean its Gundam something, we take what we can get in the states am I right? Well things were going ok till the stream just decided to quit, so that’s where we are in this video.


Playing Games: X-Men Arcade on PSN

Me and Jonn play X-Men Arcade on the PSN. (Click the image to go to the video)

JonnJonnz: Colossus

ZeonicFreak: Wolverine

We will work on the lag issues hopefully by the next gameplay video. But, enjoy!!