We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #35 – Valentines Day Special 2014 (Comments/Toonami Talk)

Sword Art Online Survivor

Also known as: “I AM A BEATER!!!”
or also: “So, is Japan the Alabama of Asia or something?”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:25:44)

Today is “Single Awareness Day” (or what the non-nerds call it “Valentines Day“), and to some of you listening to our podcast, are probably yet again as single as one could never hope. But fret not listener, because here at the Anime of Yesteryear Podcast, we are ones too never leave a man (or woman) all alone. We decide to take this opportune day to give back to you listeners out there, by reading off (mostly) the comments we have received over the past year.

Time codes (yea, I decided to do this to make following us a bit easier):
0:00-7:02: It’s pretty much us getting set up and dicking around (as usual) with talking about people who lost their plumbing in their house, demonic dryers in the background and probably other dumb things

7:02-1:20:00: We go ahead and read off our comments covering from our Aliens: Colonial Marines review from last year to our most recent anime collecting episode. We go off on tangents like movies that are kinda long to watch, how Zeonic is terrible with podcast funds and spends those on himself (i.e. EBAY WHY YOU GOTTA USE PAYPAL ALL THE TIME?), and a whole lot more I didn’t write down on my notes when I went to edit this episode. Oh yea, Cody is our number one fan on this podcast, because we mostly read off his comments, because he mostly comments.

1:20:00-1:49:15: Jonn and Zeonic get to blow off mass amount of steam and laugh our butts off at how wonderfully terrible Sword Art Online has become since we last talked about it in October or so. We can assume that it has to be one of Toonami’s best comedy shows on the block, because I have never laughed so hard talking about an anime in a really long time. Oh yea, Archer Vice is where its at.

1:49:15-2:25:44: We then get to talk about the other shows on Toonami, like how One Piece is getting REEEEALLY good in the Water 7 arc, Josh and Jonn discuss the other shows on the block and how they are doing, Clint Eastwood is cool with JoJo’s, and we discuss our thoughts on how great a show like Space Dandy is coming together. We then end it off with closing remarks of people on twitter who don’t want to sell sushi, how Chris Chan’s coffee maker started the fire, Josh won a Toonami T-shirt, and weeaboo’s in school. Of course, all this and more.

Music Selection:

OP- Is this considered the underlining theme song to Sword Art Online?

ED- This proves that we are jerks to others

This show has:


This is a tribute…. to the greatest song in the world…

A product of AnimEigo dubs in the 90’s…

It went to a good cause Jack… I swears…


Yep… that about sums it up dude…

All I ever need in an anime ever…

And this is the shirt Josh will wear at cons to get all the cosplay babes with.... shuwagga

And this is the shirt Josh will wear at cons to get all the cosplay babes with…. shuwagga

2 responses

  1. Donation money well spent.

    I haven’t been keeping up with Sword Art Online, and I don’t really have the urge to start it either.. Definitely, probably just gonna pass on it because WOW all of that weird stuff. Smooth move, Toonami.

    I’ve also been enjoying One Peice too, it’s not like trying to tune into something like.. Bleach or Inuyasha where they spend entire episodes staring at each other, waxing poetic about how big and powerful their swords are.

    No problem guys, thought you deserve at least one person leaving comments on your episodes. Hope you guys get more than one other person who wants to regularly comment this year. Looking forward to the next one.

    02/21/2014 at 1:42 am

    • I swear Cody, the money will go into use… soon… sometime eventually. Hey, at least im not gonna lie to our listeners where our funds went, I won’t do you people wrong.

      I hope our discussion on SAO puts a permenant damper on your reason to finish the series. What we said is how we can best sum it up, no joke. And since it finished last weekend, you can bet well do something about the last couple of episode. My GOD WE GOT SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THAT!

      One Piece im surprised that I care so much on whats going on without going back 200 episodes to fill in what i’ve been missing. My co-host and I will talk about One Piece on the chat when we watch it, so I am already getting some backstory on everything up to this point. I only watch Bleach for Rangiku, she is my saturday night waifu for now. I mean, can you blame a brotha?

      Keep commenting man, its great that you got some feedback on what we have to say, and this goes for anyone else as well who is reading this.

      02/21/2014 at 10:26 am

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