We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #34 – Anime Collecting Talk (w/ Anime Nostalgia Podcast)


And also: “Yea, but getting a root canal is more fun than Sword Art…”

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 2:20:28 )

If there is one part of being a human being we are all guilty of is the fact that we accumulate items in our lives that will one day be forgotten about, unless it somehow ends up in a museum. We also like to define accumulation with a less offensive term we like to call “collecting.” Here at the AoY podcast, we are completely guilty in that area, and heck, even wanna share our stories on how we got the things we have obtained over the years. And to join us in our audio journey is up and coming podcaster Dawn of The Anime Nostalgia Podcast, as we embark our journey through the cluttered shelves of anime nostalgia throughout our lives as anime fans.

And like the usual fare, we also go off topic on things like why cats are crazy, VIC MIGNOGANOAAAH, Xbone gets an orgasm and works, Sailor Moon talk, autograph stories, talk about our video games, AUDIO ISSUES (which my part of talking about Haruhiko Mikimoto was cut out, but that story was on last years Animazement review,) Tenchi Talk, Gundam talk  and a ton more gurl-ish gossip to come.

Oh yea, on a darker note, we got us a tumblr account now. Man… this site is reeeeeeeally eff’d up, I mean really.

Music Selection

OP- Were a cool podcast now because we can get gurls on here to talk to us!!

ED – This should be Vic’s intro into every panel he does at cons

This show has:

I don't think i'll ever get this guys name right...oh well...

I don’t think i’ll ever get this guys name right…oh well…

The commercial that gave 8 year old me nightmares…

7 responses

  1. Ah, interesting. I’ve actually listened to The Anime Nolstalgia Podcast and a few of my questions made it onto her show. haha.

    Gundam elitism can make or break a friendship. Wing? Seed? Nope.

    I’d love to collect more old anime magazines, laserdiscs, and vinyl records. Especially records because I’ve also got a collection of normal music for that. I’m thankful ebay exists because there’s all kinds of old school anime records that pop up on there pretty frequently.

    The coolest thing I’ve probably collected is that I’ve got all these Harlock comics from the 80’s which features work from people like Tim Eldred. I don’t have stuff signed or anything, maybe I will one day if I ever go to a convention that has someone I’m interested in.

    I’ll also call to defense for Tenchi in Tokyo. I rewatched it last year and I think the Monster of the Week stuff was really fun and interesting. I know it’s easy and popular for everyone to hate on it but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

    Great discussion, guys.

    01/31/2014 at 9:50 pm

    • I do own one part of the Star Blazers comic that came with a bundle of other comics at an Ollies about a year ago. I couldn’t help but to buy it.

      Man, I dont remember a think about Tenchi in Tokyo, but I just know I liked it. But then again, this was 14 years ago, so things are bound to change through time.

      I know a few Gundam elitist, which one of them was on our Gundam Unicorn review last year. I think he might return when the final Unicorn comes out, but we’ll see on that.

      Thanks for commenting as usual Cody, at least we know we have a dedicated fan to our podcast. I just… kinda wish more people said stuff, but oh well.

      02/01/2014 at 1:45 am

      • Trevor McD

        I still remember Tenchi In Tokyo, they tried to make it wackier than the other series’. Aside from a few funny parts it doesn’t measure up to Tenchi Muyo OVA and Tenchi Universe.

        It was a shame when they downgraded Kiyone’s character model just so the new girl in Tokyo could look more appealing. Meh.

        02/05/2014 at 11:16 pm

  2. Trevor McD

    Ah, I haven’t heard this yet, I’m listening to the Angel’s Egg episode. Next up is Hotline Miami, Connecticon, and 2013 in Review so in other words, I dig your show too.

    So, by chance are you looking forward to new Sailor Moon too, after it was delayed again until July? https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAABtUV58V2bkeQ
    Oh Vic and Master P, who’d thought?

    Looking forward to this AOY episode of course. “I’m Dr. Cheeks, I some runs to make and I’m a little behind.”

    02/05/2014 at 10:56 pm

    • Trevor McD

      *some runs to make

      02/05/2014 at 11:23 pm

      • Trevor McD

        *HAVE some runs to make
        Can’t even correct myself properly, I’m going to sleep now.

        02/05/2014 at 11:26 pm

  3. DAMN Trevor, how many comments must one man reply on a post?

    To answer your questions, I am not entirely sure about the Sailor Moon, as I have been going through the original show still (im still at 13 last I checked), but ill see how that plays out.

    I really dont’t remember much of that show, I just know the newer girl Tenchi hooks up with is the most normal of the bunch… sorta. .

    Since you mentioned Hotline Miami, I need to find a way to watch the 4th arc of FotNS soon, which might be the summer is when i’ll get around too it maybe.

    I am glad you are diggin our show man. You might enjoy the next episode as well, since we have found a way to give back to the listeners in a way for Single Awareness Day.

    02/05/2014 at 11:44 pm

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