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AoY Podcast #139 – Dragon Ball Super Broly Review

Also known as: “You let me see my girlfriends panties, you’re so sweet Sai Saici…”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:07:54)

Get your scouters calibrated and power up, because once again Dragonball has hit the big screens once more with Dragon Ball Super: Broly!

(0:00 – 1:00:40) Review: Dragon Ball Super Broly – Jonn and Dustin were able to see the latest Dragonball on the silver screen again, and give their thoughts on the film with of course some spoilers thrown in. This also includes talk on Dustin report from the Gator Bowl, how Aggie fans are proud of cutting off Longhorn horns, Power Rangers talk, Jonn internet problems and the Texan way of handling them, Dragonball Z games and much more.

(1:00:40 – 2:07:54) The RightStuf Anime Funtime Closing Remarks – There isn’t really a proper closing remarks this time seeing how so much has happened in the month of Janurary, but this is time for Jonn and Dustin to mention their thoughts on titles like G Gundam, Aura Battler Dunbine and Rurouni Kenshin. These are things you should check out from the RightStuf website. This also includes how David Moo is the being the greatest Sanji voice, the olden days of pirated anime on eBay, Chris Chan stuff, Timbox news and much more.

Music Selection:

OP – When you need that theme song to pump yourself up against Broly

ED – Hopefully we’ll see you again in the theaters soon…

This show has:


“Dur Hur, we sure showed them Longhorn fans!”

AoY Podcast #9 – Mobile Fighter G Gundam Review (Gundam Month Pt 3 – Week Two)


Also known as: “Chicho Rodriguez, Nosotros Fightamos en Gundamos

LET’S GET THINGS STARTED, AOY PODCAST ALL SET, READY… GO!!! You guessed it, we keep fighting our way to the top of the 1990’s Gundam AU series with none other than Mobile Fighter God Gundam. This was a show we gave a general discussion about, and of course, spoiled some things (as usual). But I assure you, there is still a lot more to this show that we didn’t cover (probably because we forgot about half of it maybe). After that, we talked about anime toys and gunpla for a bit before ending things off.

Stay tuned next week, as we hear the Rhythm Emotion of Mobile Report Gundam Wing.

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1:22:36)

Music Selection:


Santo Danji Insert Song Maybe?

This show has:

The greatest ending to a GO NAGAI TYPE Gundam show I have ever seen!!!!

Cuando el más puro de los latinos ir a vivir en el futuro…ARIBAH!!!