We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #39 – Get in the Zone! Megazone 23 The Third Review


And also: “EayJay da game, YOU PROMISED!”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:26:11)

Well, our March Megazone Madness has come to an end (aka UConn won for those who don’t care about NCAA basketball). One might imagine the joy of ending an OVA trilogy such as this would be a moment of happiness, but all we can tell you is we are just glad the nightmare is over. With two great OVA titles under the Megazone 23 name, you might figure making The Third one would be a greater achievement. Well, we found out the hard way, as Zeonic, Jonn and Josh crawl out of the ruins of Megazone 23 The Third.

Time codes (yea, we had to use these again)

0:00 – 19:05: We pretty much do our usual fare again, by getting off topic since it has been more than 3 weeks since we last recorded something. We deviate off the ZONE by talking about Space Ghost Coast to Coast airing on Adult Swim April Fools Special and the episodes that we happen to see in a half sleep trance, people we know online who watch terrible shows and takes forever to get to their point, and the problems of modern anime fans taste in shows.

19:05 – 1:05:25: We finally decide to talk about our subject matter in this podcast, because the nail had to be re-hammered into the Megazone coffin once more. One has to wonder, how can someone royally screw up an anime series after making 2 other anime OVA’s that were not complete and utter crap? Does anyone know the answer to that? If you do, please enlighten us. This dull Shadowrun/Last Starfighter knockoff has some good ideas, and has things I like; but that feel over the edge and beyond Zone Zero with the mistakes we will mention in this episode to finally close out this classic OVA series. You can expect HARD ON’s, C(U)MING FROM THE REAR, floppy disks, redneck friends, cat ear girls, the 80’s accessories, and how too HACK DA PLANET!!!! at 2 frames a second. We also throw in Homosexual/Anime Con Sign Discrimination, why Aramaki gets to keep making anime, and a few other things.

1:05:25 – 1:26:11: We also finish things up with our final remarks  about people who don’t have their priorities in order, people with crazy 9/11 conspiracy stories, and the ongoing legacy of Love_That_Goku. All this and more, as usual.

 If you wanna see the version we saw, here is the Manga UK version on YouTube from the same guy who posted up Part 2. If anything, at least enjoy it for the dub.

Those who have tread in this Zone before us:
Anime World Order

Music Selection:

OP- I am so ready to beat my Hard On ladies…

ED – A (not so) farewell to an OVA that was almost there…

This show has:

I try and demonstrate how to be like Eiji in Megazone 23 The Third (alcohol was involved in my decision.)

As illustrated by Doomstink, there is a potential future for the floppy disk to rise again.


Flipping the Floppy... like a douche...

Flipping the Floppy… like a douche…

I can't wait to beat it!



He always beats it… every time…

I hear this is gonna bring back the arcade boom...

I hear this is gonna bring back the arcade boom…

The ultimate cosplay accessory...

The ultimate cosplay accessory…

Kitazune and I have the same taste in women...

Kitazune and Zeonic have the same taste in women…

4 responses

  1. Damn those modern anime fans! I guess there’s people who don’t recognize the vocal, loud minority of internet anime fandom versus the fandom of people you meet in real life. Also, hating on Dandy and Regular Show? Whyy? Oh well.

    AIM, I did have at one point, but I hardly even use Skype nowadays too. Of course, I’m down with the VHS.

    Yeah, I rewatched Megazone 3 recently, particularly that Manga version. And that was.. not great. haha.

    Shinji Aramaki.. Didn’t know he directed this part of Megazone Part 3. The first thing I ever saw from him was his Appleseed movie, this was a few years ago and was severely underwhelmed. It was mostly.. kinda boring. I still want to believe the new Harlock movie will be good but the more I see stuff from Aramaki, the less faith I have. haha.

    Those fake southern accents were really baffling. I guess they must’ve been from Osaka. ..but then again they’re all from space. ??

    04/11/2014 at 1:41 pm

    • I think the anime fans like the people I mentioned are the ones that are on parts of the internet I do not tread there. I just know when I ran into this guy, he mentioned how he was reading off FML stories off the internet from reddit. So if anything, reddit is this persons playground that I dare not tread.

      I cannot hate on Manga UK dubs fully, because the actors really try to do a full range of american accents in their dubs. I commend them a 10/10 on the effort, its just the execution is another story.

      I saw the CGI Appleseed movie also, and I’ll give it this much praise, it was better than the 80’s OVA movie. I’ve seen that OVA twice, and it is not very memorable, nor does it hold up after 25 some years later. You wanna talk about boring, it’s definitely that version. At least with Aramaki Appleseed, the stupid action scenes make it at least interesting. The guy can do almost anything else in anime well except direct. Ill have to see the CGI Harlock film for myself and see if it compares to Dave Merrill ranting on it (which he did say stuff about it a week ago or so if I recall on twitter.)

      Thanks for commenting as always man.

      04/11/2014 at 5:05 pm

  2. Great to see a new episode so soon. Thanks. 🙂

    04/11/2014 at 2:30 pm

    • Thanks for commenting and listening, we really appreciate it.

      04/11/2014 at 5:06 pm

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