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AoY WatchmenCastMas Episode 8

Also known as: ” That’s not autism, that’s mathematics…”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 01:27:18)

Yea sorry kids, no anime themed Christmas episode this year… But HEY! Who needs that when you got more Watchmen talk right! Jonn and Dustin were pretty pleased by this episode overall and give our thoughts regarding the “creation” message behind it (if you wanna call it that.) Things get deep as we talk about creationism, the bible, counting in binary and roman numerals, forgiving people in comic books, trashing on the new Xbox Series X system, Shenmue talk and much more. Closing remarks get into Dustin seeing Char’s Counterattack in theaters, live action Disney properties, Dustin thoughts on Jumanji 2 (its freggin 3), Timbox twitter feed, Wonder Showzen and much more!

Music Selection:

OP – Christmas ATHF Style! / Theme Song

ED – And the Watchmen is on HBO, everybody needs to look away…

This show has:


Yep… that’s Wonder Showzen…

Playing Games: Xbox Saturday

I haven’t posted one of these things in almost a year since we started, but I’d figure its high time we did one again. My goal was to make this something my co-host and I can do as Lets Plays, but our schedules are kinda different and so is our tastes in games it seems.

This time I’m gonna post up Xbox games that I picked up and decided to try them out for a short period of time, or till I got fustrated enough at the game and i’m like “well FORGET THIS!!” This is a pre-Christmas gift for you guys kinda, but there will be something out on Christmas for you guys, so stay tuned.

Part 1 – I was trying out my Murakumo game that this counts as the second time playing it, and it would have been fine if my stream wasn’t disconnected randomly. (I should also mention I have a mic right next to the speaker output because the audio settings on my Dazzle stream video component device wont recognize audio in the FLash Media Live Encoder program for some reason and that was the only ghetto way I could jerry rig sound for the stream.)

Part 2 – Which leads to having a second part where I continue my gameplay of Murakumo, thought one enemy was stupid, stopped playing and put in a King of Fighters NeoWave game, till I fought Geese and was like all “MAN FORGET THIS GAME!” because using an Xbox controller to play a game like that is stupid because the D-pads on Xbox controllers are always terrible to use for fighting games period. Then the rest of the stream is the Regular Show Christmas Special, because it so happened to be on TV and I was like “eh, why not?”

Here is my brief game play of SVC Chaos before the stream decided to cut out on its own, then I spent the rest of my day helping my parents organize the garage.

AoY Podcast #19 – E3 2013 Talkback

Also known as: “Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon…”
Which is also: “It became a Marathon walk through… with no visuals!”

Every year, nerds from all over the globe focus in on one particular spot in California, where the mightiest of game publishers and developers gather to showcase video games that we the consumer will purchase in the next coming months. This years E3 was of course a bit different, as we see Microsoft goofing up (and standing by it) while Sony was made to be the hero of the whole darn show.

We cover what we remember of the press conferences by Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, and talk about the things Nintendo did to make the fans even happier. This is of course filled with other minor side discussions like how our certain guest like to be on the phone and podcast at the same time, Jeff and his love of Bungie’s Marathon games, the potential target audience for the next Pokemon games, our views on the Xbone vs PS4, our opinions on the whole DRM/used games debate, our thoughts on announced games and much much more.

Special Guest: Jeff and Andy from The Daily Anime Podcast, our “internet correspondent” DaftPunkFan, and Peter Fay from The Peter Network.

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:42:28 )

Music Selection:

OP – Wake me up when E3 is over… (its taken me 2 years to finally use this song.)


This show has:


My reason for getting a PS4 at this point (well it was…)

I wish I was lying about this…

Greatest joke ever???

Yea… kinda sums up Microsoft at this point…

No, i’m sorry, I think this sums it up perfectly…

Peter Fay’s greatest fear in life…