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AoY Podcast #74 – Resurrect tha Dragon! (DBZ Resurrection of F Review)


Also known as: “Paul Blart… The Alien…”
and also: “You know who’s real bad about the women’s issues… THEM MUSLIMS!”

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Get ready to stare into your alien scouters in order too resurrect an old enemy, because this time Dustin and Jonn review the ULTIMATE REZUREKT’N of Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F!

(0:00 – 48:49) Blockbuster Anime Review – Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F: As of this recording, this latest Dragonball Z movie is ranked 9th according to this list of top grossing anime movies of all time. Both hosts were able to see the films and have some good remakrs to say about it. Despite Toei being the cheapest anime company out there (more so than CPM’s legacy), they’re able to continue drawing in more of the western audience into theaters to see a Japanese cartoon for being the most well known Japanese cartoon to ever exist. Other than some spoilers to recap the movie, Jonn has to explain to Dustin the entire complexity of DBZ canon vs. non-canon to him. This of course brings us to talking about One Piece and the real TRUTH behind the Garlic Jr. Saga… well not really.

(48:49 – 1:30:28) The Republican National Closing Remarks Debate: For some unknown reason, Jonn and Dustin sit down and dissect the big Republican Debate back in August, and really just talk about the great mystery on how number one real estate NYC gangsta Donald Trump is ahead of every politician ever. Dustin also says RIP to a notable anime fan of his day, Robert W. Gibson, which you can check out his convention stories over at Hokuto no Fogie, and last year’s interviews with Tim Eldred and Anime World Order, to see what it really was like to be an early anime fan. Also stay tuned for the “zinger” after the song for Daft’s great plan to open up a “board game bar,” and how geek bars might be bad idea’s all around. All this and much more in this weeks episode…


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OP – Everyone try and be like Goku these days…

ED – Why anime should be created by metal bands…


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Yea, that’s all you really need to know about the Frieza saga…

Well, that explains everything about DB Super in one image...

Well, that explains everything about DB Super in one image…

AoY Podcast #18 – Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Vol. 1 Review


Also known as: “I wrote this manga in ’94!”

The long awaited review from us is now finally out! I know we promised this like… a couple of months ago, but it’s finally out now. This week, we have our overly belated Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin review.

In this episode, we breakdown probably the best thing Yoshikazu Yasuhiko has done to date, as we go into depth on retelling of the beginnings of Mobile Suit Gundam. This also includes our general thoughts on Gundam, our thoughts on the publishing company Vertical Inc, audio issues, cool video game statues and much more.

Special Guest: Jeff from the Daily Anime Podcast

Disclaimer: I do wanna let you listeners know, Vol. 2, “Garma,” comes out on June 25th on Amazon.com and through other retailers. So if we didn’t spoil too much of this for you to check it out, and you got the dough to spend on books, then get them.

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 49:25 )

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Guys, take note, this is UN-TERRAFORMABLE!!!!

How to properly spend your money…