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AoY Podcast #14: Hokuto no Ken Arc 3 / Hotline Miami Review


Also known as: “Let’s go out to lunch, LUNCH”

After getting through Gundam Month, we decided to stretch our muscles a bit and take on the toughest fighters in the Post-Apocalypse, namely those from Hokuto no Ken (You know, Fist of the North Star). In this episode, we cover the third arc of the HnK universe, which consist of martial artist building giant pyramids using children, fighting you brother for supremacy, and post-apocalypse olympics games. We SPOIL that arc if you don’t know too much about it, like we usually do. I also talk about a really great PC game I played while being sick/being on spring break called Hotline Miami, you should totally check that out too.

We also go off topic on things like our childhood days, including Meme Barney songs from our childhood, jokes about nailing teachers, being sick, bad anime online commercials, Roger Ebert and LucasArts both dying out, and the @Love_That_Goku twitter legacy, and with other things.

Here is our past (podcast) reviews of Fist of the North Star:

The Movie

The First Arc

The Second Arc

Our next episode, we get to know our Origins a bit better…

Quick Edit: Forgot to add a promo at the end, my bad.

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1’31’57)

Music Selection:


ED – The ultimate song to cruise the town at night

This show has:

This game… is sooooo gued!!

The games are set to change in the future at some point…

THIS CANNOT BE A REAL THING??? (ie, thank you Colony Drop)