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AoY Podcast # 104 – Ho-Ho-Hokuto no Ken-mas Special


Also known as: “I’m looking at a picture of a migration with a pair of balls on it!”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:33:45)

Tis the Season to be down for a post-apocalyptic beatdown, where this time Dustin and Jonn travel to 198x once again to see how Christmas went down in Fist of the North Star Arc 4!

(0:00 – 1:07:38) Review: Fist of the North Star Arc 4 – After almost 4 years since we last talked about Hokuto no Ken, it’s time both hosts went head strong and battled for our lives against the Ken-Oh Army! This isn’t intended as a holiday special, but it seemed perfect to add this review into the show 4 months after it was first recorded back in August…..something. Both hosts tell their tales on how they got the ultimate set for the retail value of a 2002 ADV DVD, which gives you listeners almost another 100 episodes (maybe) before you might get a review from us on Hokuto no Ken 2 . If the story of Jesus is considered The Greatest Story Ever Told, then consider this climatic end to Fist of the North Star as the greatest story ever told, except on Christmas cuz baby Jesus has gotta come first. Both host also talk about dumb people on the internet, the new iPhone (from 4 months ago), anime forum stupidity, who Jacob T. Paschal really is and his secret buying habits (U NO IM RITE!),and more. (Oh yea, the audio in this is pretty garbage, but oh well, not gonna talk about Fist for a while, so just suck it up!)

Promo: I know its the holiday season, but i’m not gonna add in an audio piece this time for Anime Cart or RightStuf because those last two podcast promos I did explain all of that. But since your not gonna listen to them (like I know your not), for Anime Cart just type in the promo code AOYPODCAST when you check out something you want, which gives you a bit of a discount for this holiday season…. and any time after that. Just use your grandma’s money to pay for that Attack on Titan statue you really want, or didn’t but now you do!

(1:07:38 – 1:33:45) Closing Remarks: Seeing how this information is old as dirt, its about when Youtube was doing crackdown on monitization videos, Gundam stuff, both hosts having connection issues (which for the most part is fine now), and much more. Stay tuned for the holiday zinger brought to you by Sean Ryan and Kevin Gray.

Music Selection:

OP – How to have Christmas in the Post-Apocalypse…

ED – Fist, you were able to ease my long pain after all…

Zinger – Christmas as sung by Jacob T. Paschal…

This show has:


It’s true science guys, fo realz!!!!

Juza is a man who is in the clouds…

Go forth with no regrets…

How Dustin imagines this Jacob fellow…

AoY Podcast #14: Hokuto no Ken Arc 3 / Hotline Miami Review


Also known as: “Let’s go out to lunch, LUNCH”

After getting through Gundam Month, we decided to stretch our muscles a bit and take on the toughest fighters in the Post-Apocalypse, namely those from Hokuto no Ken (You know, Fist of the North Star). In this episode, we cover the third arc of the HnK universe, which consist of martial artist building giant pyramids using children, fighting you brother for supremacy, and post-apocalypse olympics games. We SPOIL that arc if you don’t know too much about it, like we usually do. I also talk about a really great PC game I played while being sick/being on spring break called Hotline Miami, you should totally check that out too.

We also go off topic on things like our childhood days, including Meme Barney songs from our childhood, jokes about nailing teachers, being sick, bad anime online commercials, Roger Ebert and LucasArts both dying out, and the @Love_That_Goku twitter legacy, and with other things.

Here is our past (podcast) reviews of Fist of the North Star:

The Movie

The First Arc

The Second Arc

Our next episode, we get to know our Origins a bit better…

Quick Edit: Forgot to add a promo at the end, my bad.

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1’31’57)

Music Selection:


ED – The ultimate song to cruise the town at night

This show has:

This game… is sooooo gued!!

The games are set to change in the future at some point…

THIS CANNOT BE A REAL THING??? (ie, thank you Colony Drop)