We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #119 – Go Nagaiween Special (Go Nagai World Review)

Also known as: “This podcast is a turtle… awkward turtle…”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time- 1:38:19)

It’s that time of the year again where the Devilman brings good tidings and fear to Halloween, and bad comedy (should mention that hardly no editing has been done, so well just roll with it again to get this out on time – Dustin). This year we review CB Character Go Nagai World.

(0:00 – 1:07:25) Halloween Review: Go Nagai World – In keeping up with our hallows-eve tradition with the Devilman himself, this time we are joined by the more notable characters of Go Nagai that Devilman and the gang get to meet. This is an anime for the true Go Nagai fans out there, like those who own Super Deformed Double Feature because they are big ARTMIC fans. In this review we also go off the beaten path with “Dick”sploitation movies, Jeb Bush and his Turtles, what Dustin went as for Halloween, other Go Nagai properties (mainly Violence Jack, because that’s all that matters), our ideas of a Violence Jack video game, and much more.

(1:07:25 – 1:38:19) Closing Remarks – This was surprisingly short since this past month has been full of top headline stories, namely like how Chris Chan and his “Sweetheart” broke up, Dustin and Jonn thoughts on the world of Blade Runner, Toon Radio wont live again, how whoring out for cash like the rest of those YouTubers ain’t our style (not yet at least), and much more.


Music Selection:

OP – This pod is a turtle…

ED – Dicksploitation the Song…


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2 responses

  1. My current roommate has a Switch. He’s been trying to complete Mario Odyssey and it looks preeeetty good. I wanna get one.

    I was working at a Dollar General about 4 or 5 years ago. Worst job I’ve had. Had to deal with the cheapest, low-class kind of people and the coworkers were just miserable.

    Always glad to see you guys keeping the tradition of doing the Go Nagai Halloween specials. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the new Devilman Grimoire and the classic Devilman manga soon. I’m excited.

    Blade Runner 2049 was great! Far better than I had expected. That scene with replicant Sean Young blew my mind, special effects were fantastic. This movie made me excited for Dennis Villenueves’ Dune movie.

    11/10/2017 at 3:30 pm

    • Wait there remaking Dune? I still need to see the old one, and I have it on dvd, I just need to sit down and watch it.

      Yea i was impressed with them bringing back Young looking younger, a lot went into this film and every second shows that.

      I think were in talks on doing a video game review soon, since its been ages since we did one. Most of it will involve Jonn and Josh talking about this Swtiches, where as I will not say much lol. I’d probably say a bit on Gundam Versus.

      11/10/2017 at 4:41 pm

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