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AoY Podcast #163 – Spiderman: No Way Home Review

This show has: “They became the hipsters, that’s their next stage of evolution…”

And also: “Let’s Scooby Doo this sh!t!”


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Our first recording of 2022 that is now coming out much later than originally sort-of-planned. In this episode Dustin and Jonn talk about the latest Spiderman: No Way Home and recap Netflix Cowboy Bebop.

(0:00 – 1:17:09) Review: Spiderman: No Way Home – Seeing how well this film did to cap off 2021, Dustin and Jonn give their input on the film. This also gets into talking about the different Spiderman actors over the years, both recount watching the Toby McGuire Spiderman films in the early 2000’s and comparing how those have evolved since then, Hot Topic, dead retail companies, audio errors, Matrix 4 talk and much more.

(1:17:09 – 1:37:59) A glance at Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop series – Not really much into closing remarks but can be counted as such, when most of the talk was first impressions by Dustin on how he felt about the Cowboy Bebop adaptation on Netflix. (Well do a proper review of this in due time, maybe).


Music Selection:

OP – Here comes the Spiderman once again!…

ED – The Bebop sitcom we all really wanted…


This show has:

Dustin trying to explain the ending of this film to this level of confusion…

Dustin thoughts on the Live Action Bebop show…

Faye does make a pretty good Elaine…


AoY Podcast #62 – Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin “Blue Eyed Casval” OVA Review

gundam the origin poster


and also: “But being black is like being autistic…”

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It sure seems that were on some kinda Gundam bandwagon, with us talking about Gundam the Origin manga in the last episode, and now the recent release of the Origin anime. We figured now is the time to hit the bullseye with our bulky grey pre-One Year War Guntank before it grinds to a halt and we don’t care as much. So, let’s dive into Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I “Blue Eyed Casval.”

(0:00 – 52:00) Review: Mobile Suit Gundam – The Origin I “Blue Eyed Casval”: It seems that when anime gets adapted from a manga source, people seem to be up in arms about the final outcome, which is usually for the worse. However, Jonn and Zeonic believe this is a pretty good adaptation in terms that Jonn has read Vol. 5 of the manga and Zeonic has not. So to Zeonic, this is all fresh to him, where as Jonn sees it as pretty accurate and better structured than in the manga. We of course start things off with the current decay of Radioshack, which then leads us to rant about current anime fans taste in anime, what is considered really “filler” in anime, diving into the “pre” Gundam universe, and how one should watch the Gundam series with Origin now being animated. Also, Colony Drop put out their initial reaction of this OVA, and it seems their viewpoint is a bit different than ours, or try a lot.

(52:00 – 1:32:21) Closing Remarks (a.k.a. more Chris Chan talk): Jonn and Zeonic spend a good amount of time closing things out with Zeonic trip to a comic book store in Athens G.A., the card game Superfight!, Marvel movie rights, R.I.P Leonard Nimoy and R.I.P USS Ranger (aka, the aircraft carrier in Top Gun and Star Trek IV), and of course breaking down the audio recording of a past love by our favorite lolcow. All this and more in this episode…

Music Selection: 

OP – Zabike still lives on…

ED – Welcome to the CWCville…

This show has: 


Thank you Doomstink for reminding me of Leonard Nimoy… (1:49 for the reference)