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Playing Games: Pat-Labor Day Weekend SON!!!



In terms of streaming game play, through the power of Twitch we can convert our streams over to our youtube channel in order to archive our videos from now on. I’d figure what better way to celebrate the day of work than to play games about being a civil servant with a mech robot. I might do more later this week, not sure. New episode is out tomorrow BTW. 

Playing Games: Keep the Playstation alive with Our STAAAAR BLAAAZERRRS



I basically went through a stack of PSX games I got when I was in Japan for about an hour and a half today. Ill spare you the details, you wanna see me actually “do” something, skip to the 30 minute mark, because all I did was try and figure out HOW TO MOVE THE DARN YAMATO!!! After that it was trying out 2 Gundam games (one unplayable and the other unable to play) and I just gave up on the One Piece game there after. Click this giant amount of text to see the Twitch.tv video, because the video players I have posted before automatically play on the site without you doing anything to it. Next time, I might just play some of the PS2 games I got, maybe.