We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #59 – At The Animoovies: The Guyver (with Special Guest: Sean Ryan)



and also: “This is how Sean wins Boyfriend of the Year!”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:15:41)

This review was a long time coming, even before Jonn and Zeonic started this podcast. This is also the first movie review of the year, which does tie into an anime by the same name, so were not that off our beat guys!! Of course the gang can’t do this film review alone, and had to reach out to Sean Ryan from the Alpha Counter podcast to form our own beatbox gang as we journeyed our way through the L.A. ghetto with the 1991 film, The Guyver.

(0:00 – 52:25) Animoovie Review: The Guyver: This film comes from a time in the 1990’s when film companies got licenses (or didn’t more than likely) to anime titles in order to adapt them into live action format with the shoe-string budgets they had to work with. The results varied (mostly poor), but this film seemed to be that first pioneer from manga to the film reel in America. With Zeonic, Jonn and Sean forming our hip hop gang, we trek through the film encountering rapping monsters, corrupt CEO’s, making things work by bashing your head onto them, taking 8 hours to get lunch, how NOT to fight, and Luke Skywalker working for the G Man. We do our best to stay on topic, but run into trouble when it comes to certain off topic agendas.

(52:25 – 1:06:42) Closing Remarks: There was nothing short about wrapping up our podcast, not when we discuss the latest news about Chris Chan Guerrilla War against Sega, Sean trip to Orlando, and Zeonic calling out Regan.

(1:06:42 – 1:15:41) Bonus Material: This was even more off-topic stuff that Zeonic just left at the end for a stinger, which included people who can’t use headphones, and finding out what films Paul Chapman has reviewed. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Music Selection:

OP – When you see text scrolling, you know your in for a treat…

ED – All in all, this movie is a good time…

This show has: 

Chris Chan one man guerrilla war has begun…

guyver 8

“THIS FILM IS SO DY-NO-MIIIIIITE!!!” Rappin Gang Banger Jimmy Walker

The ultimate gang weapon!!!

The ultimate gang weapon!!!

Jeffrey Combs: Ph.D in Monsterology

Jeffrey Combs: Ph.D in Monsterology

The best couple...

The best couple…

Luke Skywalker, working for the G Man...

Luke Skywalker, working for the G Man…


3 responses

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  2. Medium Punch

    Found the podcast (or the blogspot one) sometime yesterday while cleaning out my bookmarks and trying to get into listening to podcast to while away the work hours.

    Wow, this bring back memories of when I first watched this and the sequel back on hbo/showime/whatever and I think sci-fi. I vaguely remember feeling that the first movie was bad, but amusing while the second one felt boring at times. Thanks for trudging up some memories.

    And depending on who you ask, some martial artists & “martial artists” would say he played the role of an aikido practitioner perfectly. lol

    Thanks guys!

    01/26/2015 at 8:59 pm

    • Hey thanks for commenting, and thanks for cleaning out your bookmark history, at least its nice to know we were a bookmarked page for someone haha!

      This was both mine and Jonn’s first time seeing this film, so all of this was an experience for us. It’s really not a “terrible” film for what they had, and has Sean put it, this was just a fun movie to make. And all of that clearly shows when you take in the film for what it is worth.

      Hope you can look at our backlog for things to listen too, we got 58 more episodes of material for you to choose from. Thanks for the input, and hope to see you again!

      01/26/2015 at 9:21 pm

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