We go back to the far reaches of anime time, in our flux capacitor fitted, time machine Ferrari…

AoY Podcast #25 – A General Discussion Show


As well as: “Dropped the call AHGAAAAAAAAIN!”

For this episode, we review… absolutely nothing. We decided to take this time and discuss a few things that were on our minds, and to also trash talk those we “kindly” disagree with.

Our main discussions are about two internet/Twitter peoples opinions on the anime industry, dubs vs subs, and programming opinions that we personally disagree with to the highest extent of the natural order. We also bring up how you should not treat delinquents who commit a crime, why Dragonball Evolution, Live Action Johnny Bravo  and Avatar movies are terrible (but i make a mention of a pretty good movie, Riddick) and a slew of Skype audio issues (all thanks to Jonn’s crappy NEW modem  Ex-crappy modem).

We do bring up how College life is going for us, we talk about Patlabor for a bit, and end things off with what we are keeping up with on Toonami. All this and more in this weeks segment.

Download Episode HERE (Total Time: 1:25:41 )

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OP – A special song made to those we “kindly” disagree with…

ED – Home Movies does a PSA on running people over…

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8 responses

  1. The Anime-82 guy seems kind of.. I dunno, passionate about the medium but maybe a bit weird. Then again I haven’t listened to much of his podcast except for some kind of podcaster roundtable “reverse question” thing a long time ago where Daryl Surat talked for like a millennium and part of that mecha podcast episode, I had to pause during R5 Central’s bit. haha.

    I decided to go back to college this semester myself. Its been good but I haven’t watched too much anime or read this stack of comics/manga I have sitting around. ..and an unfinished Gundam model.

    My sister had her own run-in from an anime club trying to get her to join at her university. She told me they asked her: “Do you like Naruto??” ; ” uhh, No?” ; “Do you like Bleach??” ; “No..” ; “Then what DO you like??” Like, she got the feeling that they either didn’t know about much else anime outside of Shonen Jump, or cared about much else, or whatever it be. Thought it hilarious.

    I love Patlabor. I watched it all recently on my CPM DVDs and and I’ve re-bought the Maiden Japan[Sentai(ADV)] blurays recently too. I’m really looking forward to the new live action Patlabor movie. Those photos that’ve made its rounds on internet are hella dope.

    The third Patlabor movie, “Wasted 13”, is alright. Only because Wasted 13 was a monster movie and there’s really only like 12 minutes of screentime for Special Vehicles Section 2.

    This is the order I would suggest new people watching Patlabor: Patlabor TV, Patlabor OVA2, Patlabor OVA1, Patlabor: The Movie, Wasted 13, Patlabor The Movie 2.

    Alternatively, you could watch Patlabor: The Movie first to get someone interested in it, but you’ll wanna go back to it after you really get to know the characters.

    I usually watch things in production order but I wouldn’t watch Wasted 13 last because it was kind of an odd movie and would probably leave a bad taste in your mouth. Definitely let Patlabor: The Movie 2 be the last thing you watch.

    Vic seems like he’s a cool dude. I might not care for most of his work, but at least he seems nice. Did you guys record this beore ANNcast? Any thoughts on that?

    I saw Riddick a while ago too. It was the first Riddick movie or anything I’ve ever seen. My friend hated it but I thought it was pretty alright. Mostly because I thought the world and everything was pretty intriguing.

    I don’t really like to believe in filler. If the story adds something to the character, I wouldn’t call it filler. Or maybe I haven’t watched enough 500+ episode Shonen animes. And hell, in the words of Mike Toole, “Without filler, we would’ve never found out how Goku got his driver’s license!”

    I haven’t seen SOA, but every time I hear someone talk about it, it sounds prettyyy dumb. I’ll probably try it sometime.

    09/27/2013 at 1:36 pm

  2. I got no beef with Regan, and its up to him on how he wants to handle his podcast. He actually asked me to do something for him for something that will be coming up whenever, so ill get around to that whenever I can. I was on the reverse questions segement (when our podcast was under the Cybernauts name), and I know there was that one guy who answered EVERY QUESTIONS in under a minute. Daryl admitted right at the getgo how if he doesn’t have a time limit, he was gonna go on for however long.

    I’ve seen most of Pitch Black, but I think I even stated in the recording how my 18 year old self really enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick, and all my friends thought Tombs was the best character. You should totally go see those other films, the new one is the same as the first, but I still enjoyed it.

    The Patlabor series is a hard series to tackle kinda, but I think you got a good list on how to watch them. If it were me, id start with the first OVA, then the movies. The TV Series and OVA 2 do tie in since OVA 2 starts right off with the Griffin battle, which I knew about the Griffin battle before watching the second OVA.

    I know of the ANNCast ep with Vic, which ill listen to that pretty soon, just out of curiousity. We mention Vic a few times in the past year, and this is the only “con banned story” that I personally know about: http://ia701203.us.archive.org/30/items/CoolKidsClubPodcastEpisode51-HungerGamesNNashiconTalkback/CoolKidsClubPodcastEpisode51-HungerGamesNNashicon2012Talkback.mp3

    The idea of running an anime club is still on my mind, Im just holding back on taking any initinative to get it going. School for me is “I’ll take the chance of being poor for a couple of years to earn more money than I have ever made.” So far im halfway through getting my Batchelors degree, and I intend to stick it out.

    Well, SAO is on TV, so its a good a chance as any to check it out man. I was looking at the schedule on wiki, and the last air date is in January, aka my 28th B-day. I couldn’t ask for a better present hehe.

    09/27/2013 at 3:33 pm

  3. I do remember Daryl saying something like that. I think he had his whole segment at his AWOpodcast site as well. Or a link or something at least. Idk.

    I might have to look at those other Riddick things. Like I said, I thought it was kind of an interesting world for a sci-fi movie. I’ve heard the Riddick video games were actually very good, I’m interested to see what those are about too.

    Patlabor IS kind of a difficult series to tackle. The reason I suggest trying to watch the TV series + OVA 2 first is because the TV series really lets you get to know the characters and I think the TV series adapts most of the manga stories, which I think is pretty important before watching the movie. Like, Patlabor: The Movie was the first Patlabor thing I ever saw and there were some parts I was slightly confused about, especially not knowing who Kanuka Clancy was and what was up with the Type Zero Patlabor she piloted. I think the movie implies that you at least know some of the contents of the manga/TV series since it takes place one year after the initial formation of the SV2.

    And of course, the reasons for watching Patlabor 2 last is because its the END of Patlabor.

    I actually did watch all of Patlabor the same way you did. Looking back at it, the way I described to watch it would be how I would rewatch it if I ever come back to it. Whichever way someone can watch it and enjoy it, is all cool by me.

    The Vic ANNcast episode was definitely interesting. Zac and Justin try to uncover some rumors and things, but I don’t think I remember them ever bringing up something about girls in his room at a con. They definitely talked about his faith, and in length. The dude’s got passion and cares about people, it seems.

    It’d be nice to meet some people that are into anime, especially if they can tolerate more classic things and not just “the big 3” stuff. It seems that’s the only kind of anime nerd I’ve come across. That and the people who foolishly have fallen into watching shows like HIghschool of the Dead. haha.

    09/27/2013 at 4:28 pm

  4. Highschool of the Dead… oh god. Someone said they liked that and suggested I watch it, but im like “…Nope!” Method to Madness reviewed that ages ago, and it was enough for me never to try and see it for myself.

    So I take it you listened to the link I posted. I think you, whoever else has listened to that episode, me, that guy who told me about Vic, the guy who runs Animazement and my podcast group and maybe another dude know that story, so I don’t expect it to get around. But like I said, I would just have to meet Vic and see for myself. Regarding his roles, i’d prefer the Streamline/Robotech dub of Shogo Yahagi over his role in Megazone 23 any day of the week. Oh Megazone 23, how we must cover you one day…

    We reviewed the first Patlabor movie last year (on the other podcast), and it was hard to talk about because… not a lot happens till the end of the movie. That is why im hesitant to review the second movie since my co-host haven’t seen hardly anything from the series. I wanted to show Jonn the first OVA during Labor day (heh, get it) but thats when he was having internet issues (ie, the modem “broke”).

    I have yet to play a Riddick game as of yet, and I have heard they are really good.

    09/27/2013 at 8:40 pm

  5. Haha. Yeeeah. One of my good friends works at a movie theatre and he wanted to get into anime. One of his coworkers told him to watch Highschool of the Dead because It was “really cool.” My friend told me about this and said he might watch Highschool of the Dead and I was like, “Noooo, dude. Just, no. Don’t do it.” Instead, I pointed him to Neon Genesis Evangelion(the original), Ghost in the Shell 1995 and Stand Alone Complex, and Patlabor: The Movie. Turns out he really enjoyed those and he now has a Rei window sticker on the back of his white mustang. Now I’m his go-to guy for anime. Feels good. haha.

    Yeah, I just listened to what you posted not too long ago. I’d like to be optimistic and think his Animazement incident was innocent enough, but who knows. Rumors are rumors too.

    Speaking of Streamline/Robotech stuff. I went to a voice actors panel that had Wendy Lee on it this year. Early in the panel she was talking about work she’s done, because 98% of voice actor panels are the same or they get the same questions. She mentioned how she worked on Cowboy Bebop, Haruhi Suzimiya(which was a really horrendous dub), and Naruto and got an amazing applause; but then she mentioned she worked with some Streamline stuff and worked on Robotech and got dead silence. I think I died a little bit on that day, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    You definitely get more enjoyment from those Patlabor movies the more you know about the series and its characters. The same kind of goes for those Urusei Yatsura movies too. Some of his stuff definitely aren’t popcorn flicks, but I dig the cinematography shots, soundtracks, character dialogues, and pacing and all that. Its easy to make fun of some of his tropes but I love it.

    I’ve seen some hilariously awesome dialogue in one of those Riddick games that definitely made those games earn their Mature rating.

    09/27/2013 at 9:47 pm

  6. Dude, I would be cheering my butt off is she mentioned Robotech/Streamline, and be like “GUYS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? HER ROLE IN ZILLION WAS THE BEST ROLE EVER!!!”

    Yea, the staff at AnimMaz didn’t think anything was gonna happen, but it was the fact that he did it in a “drunken state” is what raised awareness. I wouldn’t have a problem with Vic if he has changed alot since that happened a few years ago, which I take it he probably has.

    I was someones anime “go to guy” a couple of years ago, but he moved somewhere since then.He is someone that I showed End of Eva since he finished the series, and then in his shocked stated, went right on to watch Wicked City. He said Wicked City made much more sense, and I have mentioned this story I think in the Evangelion review podcast way back in the beginning, and even on the Wicked City review we did a year ago. Do you know if they sell Ritsuko stickers? I want one of those…

    09/27/2013 at 10:17 pm

  7. Yeah, I should have probably said something but I would have literally been the only person that actually said something. I clapped loudly at least. haha. Mainstream anime nerds, man.

    End of Evangelion followed by Wicked City? Not sure if that’s punishment or a pallet cleanser. haha.

    I searched Ritsuko on ebay, thinking that surely someone would pander any and all kinds of merchandise to waifus(especially from Evangelion), but I only found chinese build-your-own-girlfriend statues. Somebody somewhere has probably made one at some time.

    09/28/2013 at 1:02 am

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