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AoY Podcast #42 – Gundam Month The Fourth: Gundam Mixbag Special (00/SDGF/Age/Build Fighters/etc Review)

gundam BF poster

Also known as: “God forbid if we are ever compared to Colony Drop”
and also: “Oh, because he said the word ‘Armed Intervention'”

Download Episode HERE: (Total Time – 1:21:00)

Alright, so here’s the deal guys: We decided to cut our losses and say “screw it” for this episode, as we figured it was the best plan of action to combine all of the other AU Gundam shows we care the least about and put them all in one episode since we all are gonna be busy for the next few weeks that will take us away from recording. So we decided to put the past decade’s worth of Gundam shows into one episode with Gundam 00, SD Gundam Force, Gundam Age, Gundam Build Fighters and Gunpla Builders Beginning G.

0:00 – 58:35: We decided to review in this way because most of the shows listed is stuff we have seen before, but cannot remember most of it since we do not have the luxury of time to go back and re-watch all of them. So consider what we have to say about these shows as a “condensed review,” instead of our usual fare of going into grand detail and spoiling stuff (oh wait never mind, we do that in this episode as well.) We roughly spend a few minutes on each show, but spent most of the time I think on Gundam 00 talk and Gundam Build Fighters; because Build Fighters was recent and we want everyone to see it as it’s the next God Gundam show in this current decade.

58:35 – 1:21:00: Of course, we get side tracked a bit and go into discussion’s about the people against the Viz release of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon in general, THE GREATEST VERSION OF SAILOR MOON IN HISTORY!, AUDIO ISSUES GALORE!!, discussing some of the “comments” we have received so far on our Gundam Seed review from last week, more Gundam talk thrown in and probably other weird and stupid things as well.

Music Selection:

OP – Bandai ploy to make their market of Gunpla into a pretty sweet TV series

ED – I want VIZ to obtain the rights to this version of Sailor Moon


This show has:

The ultimate version I demand every “fan” of Sailor Moon must have in their collection

Gundam Build Fighters before Gundam Build Fighters SOOOOOOONNN!



AoY Podcast #27 – Halloween Special (Devilman OVA and Stella Women’s Academy Review)


Also known as: “Akira, you gotta drink this whole bottle of Corona…”

Things get spooky for us here at the podcast, as we get to take the express elevator all the way to the Go Nagai level of hell, as we sit down to see the world of the Devilman OVA. This world is filled with punk teen friends who threaten your girlfriend with a knife, punk teen bullies that kill bunnies and kick the bucket, and more punk teens who have heavy metal raves in your dads secret basement for black masses.

After taking the last elevator ride to get out in one piece, I then tell my co-host of a world filled with anime teens playing airsoft in Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Club C-3. This was this past summer anime season Gainax show, that starts out like any typical lame anime with tropes ranging from filling it with beach episodes, bath scenes and Gainax bounces to your harem/moe hearts content. But then the show cuts that crap out about half way and gets serious about airsoft, probably just as much as people who still play it. Of course, this show has a place in my heart since I was a player of the sport at one point, long ago.

We also get to talk about things like Go Nagai material in general, 4 year olds who watch Devilman, the bad shows on Toonami, how Gundam Boy Friends is going, anime in 2013, why Narnia sucks, and much more in this weeks segment.

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 1:25:49)

Music Selection:

OP – We gotta give a shout out to the Devil…

ED – The perfect guitar rift to play on a rubber band

This show has:

Oh man, thats pure slash right there!!!!



My punk 17 year old self with an airsoft gun for the first time… long ago…


Build Fighters seems to be doing good enough for fans to make Mr. Ral fanfiction.

Build Fighters seems to be doing good enough for fans to make Mr. Ral fanfiction.