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AoY Podcast #91 – Captain America: Civil War Review


Also known as: “Captain America versus Iron Man: Dawn of Spiderman”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:01:45)

For this week, we get to see the greatest Civil War to ever be played out on the big screen, and no this is not a Ken Burns documentary (although it totally should have been). Both Dustin, Jonn and Daft talk about Captain America: Civil War.

(0:00 – 1:28:30) Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War – So yes, for a while its gonna be us talking about comic book movies since we keep seeing them every year, so you can consider this the Comic Book of Last Week Podcast. This movie real message is how hot your Marisa Tomei aunt can put the moves on Tony Stark, which we really dive into the hidden meaning behind that scene. This gets us into talking about the film overall, old Marvel TV movies, employment and union talk, Dustin rant on Rotten Tomato’s credibility, comic book movie fans rant, a secret audio of whats to come in the next Venture Bros. season, which food is best to eat in the theaters, and much more.

(1:28:30 – 2:01:45) Closing Remarks – This is pretty much the latest tweets (as of last month) from Ghost, our thoughts on the trans bathroom debate, Dustin brings up the non significance of the Popul Voh video, if our listeners should remove someone from our Slack channel, and much more.

Music Selection:

OP – Don’t do it Capt. America, don’t give into Iron Man…

ED – Earth’s mightiest heroes face off against… themselves?

This show has:

“I TOTALLY BONED YOUR AUNT, MARISSA TOMEI!!” – Tony Stark inner George Costanza

Totally legit early trailer for Thanos movie…


I could totally get away with sneaking this in the theaters…