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AoY Podcast #47 – Remembering That Macross Love (Macross: DYRL/Macross Gen. Discussion)


Also known as:  “A Man and a Woman. What’s that? A Man and a Woman!”
and also: “Much needed Macross great anime super DVD!”

Download Episode Here! (Total Time; 1:35:00)

This was a review that was a long time coming, which this seems to be the most appropriate time to cover it. After making its mark in Japanese theaters on July 7th 1984, this has been a movie that fans have grown to love and appreciate over the years. From the die hard of them all to the young at heart, Macross has left an impressionable mark in animation going back to the early 1980’s. And what better way for there to be a retelling of a series than with Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? I should note, we mostly stay on topic, if that means anything to you listeners.

Review: SDF Macross: Do You Remember Love? This film is a piece that, from the hardcore to the intermediate of anime fans, need to see once in their lives. This film is so powerful, that not even companies can obtain the full rights to it on both sides of the globe, which has been in constant legal battle since it’s creation so long ago. Even so, many people who worked on this film and were involved have made a name for themselves in the anime industry since then. So, what better way for Zeonic and Jonn to give a “semi” spoiler free (you heard right!) discussion on this film as a whole, where they both talk mostly about the history of this film and those who worked on it; and how it’s been distributed across the globe. This also gives Zeonic and Jonn a chance to discuss Macross and Robotech in the states, which was able to leave such a major mark in shaping anime fandom to where it is today. This also has them talking about their experiences seeing this movie for the first time, the legal issues surrounding the movie and the television series over the years, Harmony Gold rantings, bootleg anime talk, Gamestop/EB Games talk, the current issues with Let’s Plays, and much more. Also, CLASHING OF THE ZINGEROIDS SOUNDS! at the end.

Here are some versions on Youtube (as of now) that you can see this movie:

The Anime World Order treatment of this film (I mean hey, we have played their promo).

Music Selection:

OP – Thank you for helping me remember love once again…

ED - I would pay money to see this live…

This show has:

“Just let the man overpower you for a change…” – Roy Focker

Jonn is right, these intros to Macross are totally awesome…

This Bud's for you Macross! (aka the famous Budweiser can missile in this movie. also maybe spoilers??)

This Bud’s for you Macross! (aka the famous Budweiser can missile in this movie. also maybe spoilers??)

AoY Podcast #46 – The Universal Space Dandy Studios, Baby! (Universal Studios/Space Dandy Review)

Also known as: “…and then you get to hear… BLOOOOOOOOONDEEEEEEEEEEEEEY”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:09:12)

Now that summer is upon us, Zeonic has quite the backlog of episodes he is currently going through between finishing school and going places. This recording was done about 3 months ago with our Megazone 23 reviews, and we now finally have the time to get it out there. Zeonic and his family were able to check out Universal Studios in Orlando FL. (aka the home turf of some big name podcast out there) during his spring break back in March, and the gang had time to discuss Space Dandy season one, which has already ended months ago with season two just now starting on Toonami.

(0:00 – 1:05:21) The Universal Studios Spring Break Trip (aka freaking Florida): After not stepping foot into the least favorite state known to exist, Zeonic is able to tread back to a tourist attraction that he hasn’t seen in almost a decade up to this point in time. Zeonic could say that nostalgia played a role in his enjoyment of revisiting the park, but also the current status of his age got the better of him just as well. Trying out the attractions of young and old between Shrek 3D, Transformers the Ride, Springfield, Harry Potter, Terminator 2 3D and Twister;  some feel like they can hold up on their own, and some need to fade away, while others are just a sick joke to be in. Also, being able to have a childhood dream fulfilled, Zeonic was able to grant closure to the inner 8 year old inside him 20 years later; aka Jurassic Park. This was also full of what counts as a racist comment, people who are too old to act like horny 16 year olds, how 4 letters define a generation, Jurassic Park movie discussion, getting sick off Flor-Mex food and much more.

(1:05:21 – 1:07:01) Podcast Promo’s: This time we get more publicity for Alpha Counter, and Dave and Joel from Fast Karate tell it to you straight behind the secrets of Masamune Shirow.

(1:07:01 – 2:09:12) Review – Space Dandy Season 1: With Season 2 Episode 2 of Space Dandy just airing this past week by the time this episode comes out, we were able to reflect our thoughts and discuss the episodes of Space Dandy. Space Dandy is a show that when anime is done right, it’s done like Space Dandy… Baby! If you care to see what Ben Ettinger from Ani-Pages has to say about Space Dandy, and its core component of the shows animation, then check that out. This also gets us talking about the dark days of Toonami’s block, a deep discussion about Rurouni Kenshin (well more like a mini review kinda), what the ani-twitters/ani-tumblrs have to complain about Space Dandy, and much more.

Music Selection:

OP 1 – Get ready, for the ride of your life…

ED 1 – The sound of my employment hell…

OP 2 – This intro is just so Dandy!

ED 2 – Get into this dandy groove ya’ll…

This show has:

Yea, my Saturday night was about like that you could say (NSFW for the quezzy)

Yea… that sums up Space Dandy pretty much…

See, Space Dandy is all about knowing the Gundam fan market…

Yea… its not worth it…

Universal, you people are terrible with photography…


Playing Games: The only thing to be reborn on the 4th of July…

What better way to spend the 4th of July by not working on the next podcast and playing more video games. With the digital PSN release of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn out, i’d figure I got some time to spare and stream it on our Twitch.tv channel. It’s the same as any of the other games, but I mean its Gundam something, we take what we can get in the states am I right? Well things were going ok till the stream just decided to quit, so that’s where we are in this video.


AoY Podcast #45 – Big in Japan Special (aka Zeonic goes to Japan)

Kanazawa Otaku Bar

Also known as: “His name is Dustin. Duh-Duhskin?”
And also: “”Oh man, I need to get drunk bad!”

Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 2:22:52)

If there is one thing that anime fans would ever agree upon as a community, it’s that every person who likes anime wants to go to Japan once in their lives. It is a second desire that tags along with liking Japanese cartoons, and fans will do just about anything to see the land of the rising sun when given that golden opportunity to go. That moment was able to finally come to Zeonic, when he went on a university trip to Kanazawa, Japan to finally accomplish that life goal of being an anime fan for 15+ years.

(0:00 – 1:26:03) –  Zeonic tells his journey over the pacific to the land of the rising sun, which is full of airline stupidity, stopping in Jonn’s backyard, getting In n Out of LAX layovers, and people who steal his pillow somewhere over the pacific. Of course upon arriving in the land of otaku milk and honey, he mentions how he does English Q&A on a high school play, what his experience was like teaching English to the Japanese, talking about anime translation differences between east and west with other people, and getting on the Japanese evening news.

Promo Break (1:26:03 – 1:28:15) – Since this is a pretty long episode, I got 3 podcast promos for you to listen too. I decided to get things off with the anime podcasting champions of the Anime World Order podcast, followed by the only great anime promo I have ever heard of from The Daily Anime Podcast, and then giving a shout out to our bro’s over at Alpha Counter. In other words, these guys are better than us even on our best days, so check em out.

(1:28:15 – 2:22:52) – After the promo break, Zeonic tells his personal experience with getting involved in the ultimate bonding experience with the Japanese society; by going to a local bathhouse. This also leads too seeing a typical bingo night, talking about the sights and shops around Kanazawa, the city local festival, and even more flight issues coming back home. We also happen to divert off the podcast flight plan to mention that Violence Jack is licensed by Discotek Media, what North Korea podcasts would be like, which leads to a nose dive into talking about terrible Korean anime (and the poor suckers who review it.) All this and a whole lot more to be stored in your overhead podcast compartment.

Music Selection:

OP – You could say I made a big difference when I was in Japan…

ED - I hope to live in a place like Tokyo one day…

This show has:

That’s how you do it in the big K-Zawa son…



My moment of bravery and stupidity... (behind is the bathhouse/arcade building)

My moment of bravery and stupidity… (behind me is the bathhouse/arcade building with Jojo’s translator superstar Taichi)

Playing Games: Eh, Windjammers why not…


So yea, I think I can officially say we are done with Justin.tv since all my videos going back 4 or so years ago are now long gone. I streamed like an hours worth of stuff on that site with my import copy of Macross VFX for the PSX and some Windjammers/Shock Troopers play; which has all seemed to have disappeared in time. So after a bit of fiddling with getting introduced to Twitch.tv, I now have something to show you guys, and that’s just more Windjammers game play. I should note, that I am totally neglecting my duties as the podcast editor by NOT working on getting a new episode out, unless I feel like doing that later tonight or tomorrow. I guess well see about that. But, here is some video games for the time being, enjoy.

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